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Join millions of people around the globe helping each other achieve financial freedom with Forsage. A unique 100% decentralized international crowdfunding platform using Ethereum smart contract.


What is Forsage

Forsage is a global crowdfunding platform built with a smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. Forsage has a unique decentralized Matrix algorithm that allows participants to contribute ether tokens to one another without any interference from a centralized admin therefore isolating the possibility of loss of funds by fraudulent admin. Forsage member send ether directly to each other with help of the forsage smart contract.

What is forsage smart contract address?

How Does Forsage Work?

Forsage works like a Multi level marketing matrix engine, where members earn when new members join their matrix. There are 2 types of matrix in forsage, Forsage X3 and Forsage X4 . Each matrix has 12 slots. The diagram below shows the shape of fosage x3 and forsage x4.

To join you need 0.05ETH, this will be used to buy slot 1 in Fosage x3 and Forsage x4.  When you refer a new member they fill empty positions in your slot 1. When they buy more slot for example slot 2 they will fill the empty position in your slot 2, however if you do not have slot 2, the member is passed on to your first upline with slot 2.

Is Forsage Legit?

Forsage is like any other online program, there is no guarantee of earning any income.Users make money in forsage my referring other users.  Forsage is a crowdfunding platform that uses earn from other peoples contribution. Forsage on its own looks like a pyramid progrm because there is no product associated with. We resolve this program by adding a valuable product to our forsage community. In our forsage community, you will receive daily forex signal worth $300/month . You will also have access to valuable online training materials to help you succeed online.

Forsage community

Why join our forsage community

Forex Signal

You receive daily forex signal with 95% accuracy on Telegram. PLEASE NOTE FOREX TRADING IS HIGH RISK.


Members will have access to unique online training materials where they learn how to run a successful business


Members unable to bring new members will receive spillover from our cpmmunity promotion effort


Our latest activity

Intensive 2 days online training course on how to run a profitable amazon business.

Training is opened to registered members of forsage within our community.


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